Laboratory Freezers

The Laboratory range are high quality refrigerators manufactured in the UK. Designed to work accurately at a specific temperature within the temperature range of 0°C to +10° our selection of lab fridges can meet all your storage requirements.

Temperature Monitoring

A number of temperature monitoring solutions are available to assist with compliance, record keeping and auditing: from simple data loggers to multi - channel units capable of monitoring multiple pieces of equipment. All this information can be easily transferred and printed from a PC*.

For recording temperatures on the move, a versatile transport logger is available. The logger can be pre -programmed with details of the load and frequency of logging. All this information can then be downloaded to a Windows enabled device so you can be certain your samples or biologicals have not been out of temperature range. For extra convenience the logger also has a visual alarm so you can be aware of any problem instantly without the need for a computer or smart phone.

If you require an extra thermometer or a device to display, alarm and record maximum and minimum temperature, use the battery powered digital unit. Complete with a 3 metre detachable cable, this can also be factory fitted to lab fridges and freezers supplied without alarms using a steel bracket.

An auto dial unit capable of calling up to four numbers with a pre-recorded message (suitable for analogue lines only).

* Please check operating system for compatibility at time of ordering.